REFO biomass boilers

New product ! New, extraordinary biomass boiler with many unique properties!Refo

  • Produced on Danish license REFO biomass boilers are present on the market since 1992. Now it is well tested and valued boiler with well-thought construction which answers actual customers needs.
  • Probably the only boiler available on the market, that could effectively burn wooden chips, wooden pallets or grain.
  • Efficiency up to 92 % thanks to precise control of oxygen dosing
  • Smokeless boiler work. No big chimney needed
  • Fully adjustable performance from 10 to 100%
  • It could burn small wooden waste, even with nails in it
  • It could burn wooden chips with humidity up to 45%
  • Simple installation and work
  • Possibility of using open or closed system
  • Optional fuel silos that could be installed next to the building (4 or 10m3 of capacity)
  • Maximum heating power 30 kW, 50 kW, 80 kW, 120 kW
  • Refo boilers were tested with European Norm EN 303-5:1999

Durable construction

REFO biomass boilers are made from 6 mm steel sheet and boiler tubes. Very ergonomic oval shape eliminates welding tensions. Use of the side thermostat and pump bypass return line allows maintaining working temperature above 610 °C . It prevents boiler from corrosion. Only combustion chamber and gas combustion pipes are made from exchangeable cast iron and ceramic parts. It provides total combustion without heat loss. REFOs are boilers with a very long service-life.

Kotlownia na drewno REFO kontenerModern control system

REFO microprocessor control box has a very user-friendly construction. Users interface is made from steering thermostat, overheat thermostat, quality and fuel type knob, main switch button and forced “snail” conveyor work button.


“Snail” conveyor which is dosing fuel from the tank to the boiler has a roll that is protecting fire from entering back to the fuel tank. During the boilers work the blower pressurize the fuel tank, which serves the same purpose. Moreover in the “snail” conveyor pipe, there is thermostat steered water sprayer, with water tank installed inside the boiler.

Ergonomic exploitation and conservation

REFO biomass boiler has vertical boiler pipes installed, with the flow pointing down. It makes a big advantage because the ash from fuel burning is falling down to ash box in combustion chamber. Thanks to this the boiler pipes stays clean for longer. Cleaning the boiler is reduced to emptying the ash box.