Ekopal D wood boilers

  • EKOPAL D steel heating boiler is designed to burn leafy and conifer trees wood, wooden chips, sawdust, energetic plants, cereal, briquette and pallet etc.

    Kocioł na drewno EKOPAL D25-2

  • Combustion process uses counter-flow biomass burning system (temperature of exhaustions = 800-950 °C)
  • Boilers are equipped in steering system that is connected to the fan. That makes whole system works smooth and burns the wood totally. Thanks to this, whole thermal energy of wood is taken.
  • EKOPAL type boilers have expanded heat exchanger(tube type). This guarantee very low heat loss (low output temperature to chimney system) and thanks to this small amounts of wood are used, i.e. for 200m2 house wood use for one season is 10-12 m3
  • Thanks to big chamber and high efficiency our boilers don’t need tiring handling. Loading rate is only 2 times a day.
  • EKOPAL D boiler could work in two types of heating systems:
    -  As a fulltime work boiler
    -  As a cyclic work boiler connected with storage tank

Heating system with storage tank is the most common batch boilers heating type in Western Europe.

Storage tank system allows receiving whole the thermal energy.

Excess of the water collected in storage tank allows receiving heat a long time after expiry of fire (about 6 hours). Storage tank gives savings up to 25%.