Ekopal RM biomass boilers

Kociol na biomase EKOPAL   a

Ekopal RM

EKOPAL RM are a batch boilers with 4-700 kW power, designed to burn straw. It could be also loaded with wood, wooden chips, energetic willow, sawdust, textile waste and other kinds of biomass.

Maximum power of the straw boiler is 700 kW but it is possible to connect units in-line i.e. 3 EKOPAL RM 03-2 boilers connected in-line gives 1.5mW of power. The boilers burns the fuel fast and easy. The burning process speed is controlled by processor (that keeps optimal terms in burning chamber). The heat excess is stored in storage tank.

Straw EKOPAL RM boiler is equipped in a fan with auto regulated throttle and microprocessor-based control system which leads straw burning process according to preset parameters. Air blower provides primary and secondary burning air. Fuel chamber is covered at the bottom with chamot . In this part fuel is burned with controlled shortage of oxygen. Gases flow to the second chamot-covered chamber, mixing with secondary air. In this chamber gases are afterburned. From afterburning chamber gases are flowing to the changer. It is so called counter-flow burning system which assures right process of turning straw into gas and burning obtained gas. Thanks to this process the content of carbon monoxide (CO) in the exhaust is low.

EKOPAL RM straw boilers works only in open system, connected to the installation through the storage tank. Proper size of the tank is very important in boiler-room exploitation.

During planning of boiler-room you should take to consideration that biomass boilers gives more power compared to the traditional fuel powered boilers. According to this you should take into account declared maximal heating area not the power. Declared boiler power concerns burning optimal fuel with humidity of 15 %.

In case of farmhouses it is recommended to consider using heat for production. In many cases it is profitable to heat all inventory buildings, greenhouses and house at the same time.

Using EKOPAL RM straw boilers gives you very good economical effects. The straw is burned totally and generated heat is stored in storage tank for further use. Thanks to that straw use is low. To warm up typical one family house with 200m2 area for one season 8 tons of straw are needed. That amount of straw could be gathered from 3ha field.

Kotly na biomase EKOPAL

The burning chamber is loaded (depending on the boilers type) with rectangular bales with dimensions 80x40x40cm, 180x70x120cm or round with dimensions Ø 125-170cm. Besides in all EKOPAL RM straw boilers you could also burn wooden chips and waste, textile waste, sawdust and other biomasses.

Very good using parameters of our boilers are valued by customers not only from Poland but also from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Scotland, France, England, Croatia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Since 1993 we have exported more than 800 straw boilers EKOPAL series.