Ekopal RM biomass boilers - installation

EKOPAL RM straw batch boilers are designed to produce 95 °C water and could only work in open systems.

Main characteristic of straw batch boiler is that burning process goes with the equal speed, depending on the temperature of exhaust selected in control system. In relatively short amount of time there is so much heat generated that installation can’t recieve it all at once. Because of this in technological boiler-room systems with batch boilers heat storage tanks are needed. That kind of tank provides total heat receiving from next loads of straw. Hot water is taken from the tank to heating network.

Basic scheme of heating network with straw EKOPAL RM boiler and storage tank.


Kocio na biomasę EKOPAL schemat instalacji


Thermal isolation of the storage tank is very important.

Capacity of the tank depends on the boiler size. For EKOPAL RM straw boilers we recommend following minimal capacities of storage tanks (the bigger tank, the better boiler-room works):



Boiler type
Minimal capacity of storage  tank
RM 2 2.000 liters
RM 5 3.000 liters    
RM 20 4.000 liters  
RM 30
6.000 liters    
RM 38
8.000 liters      
RM 40
10.000 liters   
RM 01 15.000 liters      
RM 02
20.000 liters    
RM 03-2
22.000 liters    
RM 03-3 25.000 liters      


Typical Ekopal RM straw boiler connection to the chimney installation:

Kociol na biomasę EKOPAL komin