Ekopal S Air Heaters

Basing on EKOPAL RM straw boilers we have made a construction of air heater named EKOPAL S, which allows you to warm up air up to 130 °C. EKOPAL S straw air heaters type includes 8 sizes with the power from 60 to 1000 kW adapted to burn every kind of biomass:Nagrzewnica na slome ECOPAL S

  • Straw in oval bales 120-180cm
  • Straw in high density bales with dimension 250x120x80cm
  • Corn straw
  • Rape straw
  • Wood and wooden chips

There is possibility of customizing combustion chamber size and shape for specific types of straw bales.

Combustion system in EKOPAL S biomass air heater is the same as in EKOPAL RM straw boiler – it is a counter-flow system with primary gasification of straw and further combustion of created gas. The difference is that in EKOPAL S air heaters  high boiling temperature liquid is used instead of water.

Equipment of EKOPAL S straw air heater:Nagrzewnica na slome Ekopal S

  • Blower fan
  • High boiling temperature liquid pump
  • Valves
  • Sensors set
  • Electronic control system

EKOPAL S air heater is shipped in one piece and the only thing to do is to connect it to the chimney and air channel which distribute warmed air.