Ekopal S Air Heaters - advantages

  • Full replace of expensive fuel ( oil, gas, coal)
  • Possibility of drying using cheap fuel (straw, wood, sawdust, wooden chips, energetic willow, briquette etc.)
  • High efficiency – up to 85%
  • Easy temperature regulation, small temperature drop between the loads (5% maximum)
  • 1 liter of oil = 3 kg of straw
  • Easy and comfortable use
  • Durable conservation maintenance
  • No need to remove ash after heating season
  • Use for drying : straw, corn, herbs, vegetables, wood, etc.


Pedrotti dryer powered by oil heater and straw heater EKOPAL S costs comparison below:

Power source fuel oil straw
heater power 690 kW 750kW
corn batch single load 20 tons 20 tons
time of drying one batch
fuel use for drying one batch about 750 liters about 2000 kg


Investment in EKOPAL straw air heater returns most often after 1-2 seasons of drying.