Medical sets

Our products are used mainly as an ambulances and hospitals equipment. It could also be used as mobile kits in patients transportation, resuscitation actions and as an oxygen therapy kits.

We have also ports and plugs for medical gases.

Reducers and Regulators by MetalERG are characterized by solid construction, easy use, reliability and durability. It has step adjusted flow regulation with ergonomic control and clear readings.

Thanks to high quality, durability and functionality our products are used by leading ambulance producers in the country. Among our customers there are also military hospitals, hospitals, fire fighters and other units.


Wtyk O2 TYP AGA Szybkozlacze AIR M-10X1 TYP AGAzestaw butla nawilzacz 3

Reduktor O2 Z100 2 2 P 2 Regulator R-100

MetalERG's medical equipment are CE certified